Heat and Feathers

Humid heat, sticky skin, and feathered friends dominated the day.

The heat woke us, we knew we were in for a hot day, no need for a weather man. It was going to be a day to lay low during the hottest hours so Lily fell back asleep and had a long 3 hours nap which led us right into the hottest part of the day. So much for the plan of getting things done in the cooler hours. Denis to discovered just as we were about to head out that the Kestrel babies were learning to fly today. First day out of the nest and they were such fun to watch. There are four babies, we had no idea there were that many, the entrance to the nest is only big enough to see two at a time.

More good information came from a lovely lawyer today regarding how long I could stay in France if we chose to come back, 5 years!, and so a bit of a security extension. Denis and I always like to have a country we can both stay in easily and it seems Europe has opened up to me so long as he has work. So we will now focus on getting into South Africa. 🙂 It is lovely that all this good news is coming on the 3 year anniversary of our travels. I like to say God has a very dim flashlight, we never seem to have much long distance knowledge of where we are going but always before we need to know we end up getting the information we need. I still have my own ideas of where I’d like to go but I am happy to have better options shown to me.

This evening when I ran around doing my evening chores I was met with an unexpected fact. Our chick is gone. No idea what happened to it but it is no longer with us. The young hen is already roosting with the others but the old grandma hen is still sitting in the nest. I feel bad for her, the cost of being free range chickens is exposure to harm I guess. It makes me feel better knowing that it had a good life and no I would not want to take away the freedom of a good life for insured safety from predators but it is still sad. Nat-m also makes me feel better.

With slightly dampened happiness I say goodnight to an otherwise very good day. Looking forward to watching more flight lessons tomorrow.


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