Two fluffy little balls of fun joined us over the weekend.

On Saturday two of the remaining three eggs had their occupants starting to break free and on Sunday we had two fluffy little yellow chicks popping in and out from under the two hens. I got Denis to say prayers for them each night with me since Saturday so that they will be safe from the ‘stealer of eggs’, who I am guessing is a rat. So far so good. We just spent about 10 minutes watching them eat and drink before they tucked back in under the hens for bed. This is Lily and my second time doing this today and last night when we did it the rooster kept peeking at us from the other side of a low wall. Lily did not forget and she kept checking to see if the rooster was going to look at her. He never did but she was waiting.

Her attention, her memory and her understanding of what we are saying is incredible. When I was heading out to do the evening chores I asked Denis if he wanted to bring Lily to feed the hens and chicks. He said to ask Lily and when I did she got the biggest grin. She is also wonderful at following what you want her to see by pointing at it, she almost always spots the thing you are pointing out.

It was a busy weekend with people again, our little girl is a social butterfly. She is developing a reputation of the little girl who is all smiles and never cries. We were actually asked if she does cry! She loves meeting people and certainly has her favourites.

Today was a typical Monday for us, we regroup and rest and try to start our week off with a bit of work to get the momentum up. Today I had the brilliant idea that Denis could use the tractor to cut the laneway grass down and then I would pick it all up and throw it in the bucket on a second sweep of the lane. I figured since I’d be the one picking it up he’d be out of the grass, nope, at one point it looked like it was softly snowing there was so much grass seed in the air. Poor man, he is so good to me, he never complained and just kept driving. We still have no hot water so he had to follow up the work with a cold shower to try and save himself from the allergies that would plague him if he was covered for too long.

Lily is giggling with her daddy right now and I am distracted, they took the dogs for a run for the first half of this post but now they are home and I, as always, have trouble focusing when they are with me. I don’t imagine it will get any easier as she gets older, the fun will just be more active.


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