So Fast

Friday already?

Today zoomed by, and so did the week it seems.

Last night I stayed up to late thinking I would catch a lecture at 1am. I gave up an hour before it started as I was certain my brain would not handle the topic in its semi comatose state. I will have to catch the recording. This morning we awoke to the plumbers arriving. Denis helped them around the house and they left. Due to the language barrier we are not sure when they are coming back. We get to bucket bathe again tonight.

Lily and I had a bit of fun late this morning while Denis was out with the chainsaw. We had just finished nursing when we heard the very distressed cry of a bird, in the house. We ran to its rescue and had to discuss with the cat who was holding it in its mouth why we do not bring home our dinner alive. The kitty (Alfie) was less than impressed with our opinion and growled at us. Undaunted, we harassed the cat until the bird was let go and we pounced on the birdy. Taking it upstairs to our bedroom, Lily and I sat quietly with the little sparrow until it had recovered enough that we opened the door and away it flew to the forrest. I am so happy Lily is having all these experiences for me to tell her about when she is older. She was so gentle she barely moved the feathers on its head when she asked (in her way, by staring at my eyes and then what she wants then back at my eyes) to touch it.

I had a big baking day, the rain fell steady and warm outside until well into the evening when we all went outside to enjoy the freshness since the heat never left. It’s been a fun day.

I spoke with a friend, watched a TedTalk, hung out with Lily and Denis and I think I have come to a conclusion. I think I will retire from the work force. When people hit retirement they are supposed to spend all that time they used to on working to make a living on simply living. Enjoying life. Exploring all the things they have wanted to do for so long but felt they did not have the time. It does not mean I won’t contribute, nor does it mean I won’t make money to support our family, it just means I will do things because I love to and not because it makes money alone. There are all sorts of speakers who talk of this, inspirational speakers, successful business people, simply happy people, people who have been so close to death that doctors wonder how they are alive… they all give the same message and today for me I am applying it to my life by retiring.

Happy retirement to me! I can’t wait to meet everyone who wants the same freedom to choose to only do what you love.


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