What a Day

Today was one of those days that started out inconspicuously, but it changed its mind part way through.

Last night we discovered a leak in the hot water heater, it had stopped working so first we tried the little timer box it plugs into and then up to the actual tank in the evening. In short, it has decided on another life, possibly at a dump to be melted down into something else. No big deal for us, not having hot water on tap is a rather common state of being in our world. Plus it made this evening a lot of fun with Lily bathing in the biggest pot in the house. It was a perfect size for her and she was having such fun that when we took her out she protested a bit. I am a pro at bucket bathing or in this case pot bathing and Denis braved a cold shower.

The fun started when the power cut mid afternoon. I was talking with a dear friend on Skype when all of a sudden boom and silence. The thunder and lightening was spectacular and though it took a bit for it to really start pelting down, the rain, when it did decide to open up we had a river in the front yard in no time. God decided to water the plants and fields for us, He is thorough. The horses stayed out in it and are wonderfully clean for the moment.

Dinner was supposed to be pretend spaghetti and sauce (the spaghetti being made with cabbage) but my cabbage was rotten and had flies living in it on the inside. So we had pasta and risked the gut ache, eating by candlelight as the storm had made it rather dark in the house. Lily’s coordination is incredible and so she fed herself bits of the very nice cheese we had grated for the top. She also threw some on the ground for her imaginary puppy to eat.

Speaking of puppies, our wolfhound should have been having puppies today, but she never caught, so no puppies for us to play with this time. I have witnessed the births of hundreds of horses, a couple birds, an alpaca, lambs, calves but never puppies. I guess that experience will have to wait.

I gathered the eggs from our hens and noticed that a second ‘named egg’ has gone missing. First ‘Pip’ went missing and now ‘D.O.G’ has also likely become dinner for some hungry creature. I am hoping Elvis and the other two get to make it to adulthood. Our grey hen has one of the old original red hens helping her now. The grey never leaves but the red hen keeps her company and sits on the fresh eggs beside her.

Tomorrow will come sooner than normal, it is way past my bedtime and my loved ones are already in dreamtime. I am off to join them with happy memories of thunder and lightening in my bones.


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