I used to think homeopathy was nothing more than mysticism at best.

Even when I signed up for school I was of the opinion that it was for silly people who had no concept of science. I was only studying it to appease the lawyers who demanded that I be retrained before they would decide just how much the crash had changed my life. I never imagined I would become a convert. I certainly did not know how deep the so called ‘rabbit hole’ went into this other world of healing and curing. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, applying this to knowledge, I set about studying with this as my mantra. I set out to study and disprove homeopathy (for myself) but ended up realising that homeopathic remedies always work, 100% of the time, the margin of error lies in the user not the medicine.

I think of it like this, using the faulty yet highly accepted method of double blind studies lets see if bandaids are better than tape alone for wounds. Simple enough eh? Not so, all bandaids and tape will be standard size and applied to the index finger of the left hand. Now take people with all kinds of abrasions on any part of their body but remember that bandaid must go on that left index finger. What do you think the results will show? Bandaids are just as useless as the placebo tape. Just like homeopathic remedies are useless. The problem is not in the product but in how we test.

That is one reason why homeopathic remedies will always fail the current testing methods, homeopathics are situation specific, one size does not fit all. A medicine only as good as the practitioner applying it. You match the wrong remedy to the patient and you don’t get healing, you match the correct remedy and potency and you get cures and healing. Simple, but beyond first aid it takes a level of awareness and understanding that reflects the subtleties of the remedies.

Denis and I listened to a young man (11 years old) on Ted Talks this Monday, he was diagnosed with autism and his parents were told he would never speak, learn, tie his shoes and so on. He is a math genius and speaks with passion about math and he wants everyone to stop learning and to THINK! Stop believing what you have been told by anyone and start thinking about it instead.

I agree! Question your understanding of the things you love or hate, look deeper, find the truths and find the faults and become more than a product of the institutions you attended, the society you grew up in. Really get the most out of life, don’t take the parts that you are passionate about at face value, go deeper. DSCN6872

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