We all need a little inspiration every now and then.

Today I read a bunch of positive quotes while Lily slept, Denis worked around the house and I thought about what to write today. To be completely honest, today is the first day I have had any sort of apprehension of what to write simply because now instead of it being in the future that people will read my thoughts, it is now. I went public this weekend and I am feeling a bit nervous and it is important to me that I don’t stop writing from my heart. That I don’t tailor my story to be more interesting or less conforming, to outside standards, in order to avoid feeling personally judged. I told myself “Don’t fake perfection!” Talked to Denis and decided to write what I am feeling, let go and move on. That is how I grow after all, moving outside my comfort zone.

So, enough of that, no need to spend a whole post on it, those fears are done and talking about them more just breathes life into a dead thing.

Lily had her first dry night! It was shocking, a bit unnerving and then we just marvelled at her again. We had another great weekend, full of friends and fun and laughter. Denis went riding again with our friend-host, we enjoyed sunshine, food from the farm and chats on Saturday. Sunday we went to a market with our friend-host and her boyfriend. We got lost on the way to meet them and took the long way passing through beautiful little seaside communities. The beaches were inviting but I am no fool, I know the water only looks nice but is cold! The market was bustling and one of us (the local frenchman) decided to get some snails for his lunch. Our dear friend had to listen to stories how they are harvested and cooked and that the ones that escape the pot (each batch has a few who escape) are all released into the garden and named Henry to pass away the remainder of their days unharmed by people. Our friend is a long time vegetarian. Undaunted that no one would join him in eating snails our, otherwise loved, frenchman friend proceeded to eat a large plate of them with us making a few teasing remarks throughout the meal.

They all went swimming again, Lily loving it even more this time, while I sat on the side. I might get in before we have to leave, just to enjoy the time with Lily, I really am not a swimmer unless the water is equator warm, and at that I prefer scuba than simply swimming.

Today Lily caught up on some much needed sleep, her passport arrived, Denis started rearranging the living room, and I made another list of things to do. Only six weeks left before we have to leave our oasis for our next adventure and I have things I want to get done.


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