Ha, I just sat down to write about water and reaching for my glass I notice it is empty!

Now I sit down again with a pint of fresh water beside me to drink while I type.

Water! One of the easiest things to incorporate into our diet that has such massive health benefits. Often we over look the little things we can do and search for the big or difficult changes, thinking they will bring about the greatest changes for our health. Drinking a good quality water and getting enough of it in your daily regimen can help with everything from digestion to heart health. A fabulous book called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj talks about all the health benefits and I highly recommend reading it, or checking out his website, for anyone wanting to hear clinical evidence for the various body systems that benefit from optimal body functions.

Most of the time we are thirsty when we think we are hungry, we have literally forgotten what it feels like to be thirsty, many of us can go for a day or days without water, not feeling the least bit thirsty. Instead we are drinking foods (coffee, juice and other liquids are treated as food and digested, often they can even be diuretics) we need to force ourselves to drink water and relearn the signs of thirst as a society.

When I met Denis, he did not drink water at all. Coffee, tea, beer and the moisture in his foods was what his body survived on. Now, after a few days of not drinking his normal optimal quantity he feels sluggish, he rarely does this and so it is not normally a problem for us, or him, but when we forget it takes a bit to get back in the swing of things.

Since we have both dropped our intake a bit the last few days we talked about the quality of the water we are drinking and we have decided it is time to go back to bottled water for the remainder of our time here. We have no idea if the town water we are drinking has fluoride or other additives in it so we will be buying artisan spring water. It is the best for you as it is mature water. Never heard of mature water? Think about it, natural springs happen all over the world and the water is filtered by nature and when ready it bubbles to the surface, it goes UP!

Everyone knows water falls down with gravity, so what makes this water go up? In short, maturity. For those of you with a curious mind look up the different types of water, tap, reverse osmosis, spring, artisan spring and so on. See what one sounds the best to you.

We know we don’t want Lily drinking fluorinated water at all and best case we want her having locally sourced Artisan Spring Water. What kind do you want?


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