Shadows, Weeds and Random Acts of Kindness

We were not even out of bed this morning and Lily discovered something new, her shadow!

So much fun, she was sitting on her little potty with the sun streaming in the window, I had her turned a way we obviously did not have her before because all of a sudden she was staring at her shadow. She moved, it moved, she got excited and so we watched to see what would happen. I moved her arm for her, then she took off exploring it herself. I patted her head so she could see and feel at the same time, her daddy went further away and patted only her shadow’s head. Such fun!

Next, before Lily even had her morning nap I was out weeding the garden, it was long overdue. It ended up taking all day. Ten, five gallon pails packed full, and there is still two beds to be weeded with shrubs and trees, plus the flower beds are ready to be done again. Our soil is so healthy, we grow big strong weeds. However, we also grow food and tomorrow we get to eat salad from the garden. We have been eating radishes and strawberries for awhile now but tomorrow we will have the main part of our supper provided for by our garden. Such a good feeling.

We planted more stuff today, and tomorrow I will plant the last of our efforts, at least I think I will be planting the last of our efforts, we keep getting gifted with more plants/seeds. Today we planted more tomato plants, potatoes, red and white onions, lettuce and zucchini. Tomorrow it is carrots, more potatoes, more radishes, and green beans. Lily joined both on the ground and in the carrier at various points, she likes ripping things out of the soil. Have to be careful though, she thinks she should eat the soil too. We found a toad at one point, he/she was a brave toad, each time I would gently touch it, it would stand up on all four legs as tall as possible. Never had a toad do that before. We put it in the lettuce bed as I wanted to plant onions in the patch of weeds it had been hanging out in.

While I started typing this entry, Denis took Lily out for the evening walk with the dogs, he also took two tomato plants. He is planting them along a pathway used by walkers and cyclists, he thinks it will be a fun surprise for people later in the year when there are fresh tomatoes to eat along the way. We will have to make a sign, so they know they are free for the taking. I know it would make my day, finding ‘free for the taking’ veggies along a path, but you know what, I have to admit I never thought of being the one who planted the vegetables. I love him so much!


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