Friends, Swimming and Tractor Fun

We had such a busy weekend, and such a fun weekend, and Monday was no slouch either.

Saturday had the house at the fullest it has been since we’ve been here. Lovely people we have met and more. Lily thrived in the attention. She loves meeting people, having them give her their undivided attention, fawning over her. There are very few people she has reservations about but she assesses them all. The ones she really likes she snuggles right into. I don’t know what is more fun, watching Lily’s reaction to people or watching their reaction to her. We stayed up later than normal, the fire pit was burning the barbecue was cooking and the sun went down all with our Lily giggling and smiling away. Eventually we called it quits, as I don’t think Lily was going to. We slept well Saturday night.

Sunday was grey and wet but we still went out to a different little town we’d never been to and checked out a market. There were some nice food vendors so we got a nice mix of nuts/seeds/dried fruit, tried dried kiwis (not a favourite) and got some dried figs (which we love). Our friends got fancy cheeses and a bag for their mom, it was Mother’s Day here in France on Sunday. I have now had three different Mother’s Days as England celebrated first, then Canada now France… each time someone has wished me a Happy Day. Kinda cool, my first year being a mom and each month there are strangers and friends saying Happy Mother’s Day.

After the market we went swimming with our friends. It was Lily’s first time, so I used it as an excuse to sit on the side of the pool incase she wanted out in a hurry. Really I hate cold water. I can’t understand why anyone would consider it fun to jump in a pool of cold or even cool water on anything other than a melting hot day, and then the cool pool is fine. I love my water in all its forms, snow to steam, but cold water is for drinking not playing in. Luckily Lily could care less about the temperature. She was nervous when we went into the building, I think because of the echo’s and the smell. Whatever it was all she did was get her worried/thinking face on and hold me or her father really close. Denis took his time getting in the water, held her tight and take her through the initial ‘weirdness’ of it all and soon she was having a great time. A giant bathtub filled with cold water and friends, Denis and Lily were the last out of the pool.

Today, Lily made her daddy’s day again but this time by falling asleep… in my arms while he drove the tractor around with us keeping him company. Something he’d done as a boy and has such fond memories of.


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