Today Lily had her first sliver. I was going to write about a homeopathic remedy that we are currently using for a chronic issue but instead I think a bit of first aid is in order.

Silica! Silica is a great remedy for expelling foreign objects from the body. 200C is a great emergency potency. You can get this remedy online, in some health food shops or in a bind, even just write it down on a piece of paper and stick it in your pocket. I will discuss these options in another post.

Calendula is great for cuts and scrapes.

Bump on the head… we’ve had that one already too. Arnica for the bump/blow itself, Hellebores for the concussion to the brain, Hypericum for the nerve pain, Natrum-sulph is specific for a head injury.

Puncture wounds do well with Ledum for the puncture itself and Hypericum for the nerves.

Bee Stings – Apis mellifica

Strains and Sprains – Ruta graveolens

Joint pain – Rhus toxicodendron

Vomiting, loss of fluids – China

Heatstroke – Belladonna

Food poisoning – Arsenicum album

Sleep deprivation – Cocculus indicus

Injury to the eye – Aconite

Frostbite – Agaricus muscaris

Nosebleeds  – Ferrum phosphoricum

There are more but that is a basic home remedy first aid kit any home could benefit from. Write me if you have specific questions for other first aid issues. I know my family relys on homeopathic remedies because we want to sort the problem without nasty side effects and we find that pharmaceuticals have far to many side effects to be worth it for most situations. All medicines have there place and their use. We have used and will continue to use all kinds of medicine, depending on our needs at the time. Today we were grateful that a splinter could be removed without tears and the skin healed quickly and efficiently from a big splinter for a little finger.


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