Wrap, dancing and MotoGP

Days like this are such a joy, Lily had a blast and therefore so did we.

When my mom came to meet Lily in February she got us a Moby Wrap. I absolutely love it, Denis enjoys it and so does Lily.

Denis and I both ‘wear’ Lily as it is called, funny term in my mind, ‘baby wearing’ but what fun. Lily has recently transitioned to being carried on our backs and she is so very happy. Snuggled up all safe and yet able to see everything. Today she helped me make pickled eggs, pavlova, lemon curd, lamb stew and marinate the steak for dinner. She went for a walk with us with the dogs on my back and pulled my hair much of the way but seemed really happy doing it. When she gets a little bigger we will have to get a new type of wrap that does not have any stretch in it but for now this one will do. It really makes it easy to include her in everything we do.

At one point today (I think I was washing up) Denis and Lily came to keep me company and he started dancing with her. Her smile lit up her whole face and well, it took me a long time to wash those dishes as I wanted to dance with her too. She will have hi dancing with her for many many years to come and it will always be my pleasure to watch them or join in when the feeling is right.

Denis is a fan of MotoGP, one day I hope to gift him with the chance to race a bike on one of the tracks but for now he is content with watching races on YouTube. Lily seems to have developed a liking for watching racing too. We don’t have TV, and we rarely let Lily watch the computer, for the most part it is just for watching Disney music videos if we need to distract her for a short period of time while we finish up something. Today however she watched a few minutes of racing with her daddy. She was enthralled.

She really makes everything so much more fun. Her wonder is infectious and we hope to shelter and strengthen and grow that wonder until she is able to maintain that state of being for herself. So many pictures to share today, was hard to choose just one.


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