Too Much

Sometimes there is so much to say I don’t know what to say. Tonight is one of those times. So… snap shots, no detail!

I complained about my hair again, not even a pony tail could manage the unruliness of it. So Denis offered to cut it off. Picture Edward Scissorhands but only one pair of scissors. No what do you want, no slow easy tender hand holding, he scooped up my hair in his hand and hack, snip, hack and it was gone. A few more snips here and there and he finalised his efforts and I have chin length hair. It was cathartic.

Lily has discovered that avocado is good, best served in small bite sized bits. She is a bit adverse to mush and I am not sure if I am disappointed she does not like apple sauce or excited. I love it so now that she does not want it that makes more for me.

Make up sex rocks… I think I might get some tonight. It is good we are not perfect and we can growl at each other over stupid things, so we can make up later. Not that we need and excuse.

We names a few eggs and left them with our grey chicken who is determined to hatch some. She has been trying for the last 10 days but I have been taking all the eggs, until yesterday when we named 5 and left them for her.

Pee, Lily uses the potty, we don’t know the last time she pooped in a diaper, pee is not as good. She pees a lot during the day and so sometimes we miss it but many times a day she also uses the potty to pee. Sunday we changed the sheets and I promptly spilt a potty full of pee all over them again. (This is my second time doing this!) Yes, it is a rule to empty the potty as soon as it is used!

The garden is producing good things. We ate strawberries today, the radishes are out of control, the tomatoes are coming, the herbs are needing a good cut back they are so healthy, the lettuce is coming along and a few flowers are showing up. The weeds are good and healthy too.

The sun is setting, it was a beautiful day, seems the cold is going away again and once again summer seems to be trying to make an entrance. Denis is bashing the corners of a tissue box on the wall to take away the sharpness, she only gets empty boxes now.. she was eating the tissues. Off to go nurse Lily before the pressure builds up to much. Why did no one ever tell me women are capable of taking out an eye with milk, an eye a few feet away.

Until tomorrow, snuggle up to the ones you love.


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