How could I not write about Lily today? It is her 6 months birthday.

My world has happily been turned upside down by her. I never imagined a little person being so present, so alive, so unique and aware. I am the mom who believes her daughter is the most special little person to ever be born. I am the mom who never tires of talking about their baby or to their baby. I am the mom who wants to post photos all day long, to brag all day long, to sit in wonder all day long, to cuddle all day long. I am THAT mom!

And I am so glad I am!

I would go on and on but it is not needed. I am coming to understand Agape. My love for my family is greater than I could imagine. I still have learning to do… I can still get my feathers ruffled… a few times a day sometimes, but overall I would not change a thing, just stay on the path we are on of love and understanding.

Looking forward to the next months and years… Happy Birthday Lily.


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