Snuggles and Whispers

My favourite way to wake up, snuggling and being snuggled, and this morning was some of the best snuggles ever. Warm and cozy, no uncomfortable positions causing arms to go dead, no over heating, it was perfect bliss. Co-sleeping has so many wonderful benefits, I am so glad it works for us, I love it and can’t imagine not having that closeness with my family now. To anyone saying “it will wear off” I return with “love like this never wears off!” I will enjoy each and every night she wants to stay with us.

So after a blissful start to my day I continued to wonder at how, it is really, the little things in my life that really capture my heart now, now, that I have let myself be vulnerable and we have manifested such a simple life for our first months with Lily.

I notice the little things, I am grateful for the little things, I am so happy for this time, to get to notice Denis whispering into Lily’s ear and her leaning ever so slightly towards him like they are sharing secrets. The new way she is super burrowing her head into my neck and cheek when she is giving snuggles. How Denis does the most thoughtful things for us all. The kind words. All of it.

I find another part of this positivity is it really is self perpetuating, the more I feel it the more it grows! There is less negative talk (internal and external), less snapping at the little things, when things are done differently to the way I would do it. I find I worry less about others opinions. I can stand in someone else’s fire and not be burned. I can hold the space for them and truly be present for them. I have learned how to have true empathy. A real gift. I knew this to be true but getting the ball rolling was hard work, years of work but now that it is firmly on the move.

I get to live a life of abundance! I get to show all those I care for how to live a life of abundance. I get to be the mom, friend, lover/wife, teacher I want to be. I am proud of my life.


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