Coconut Cream

Last week I made a new recipe, coconut whip cream, from a recipe I found on Facebook. I didn’t have the coconut milk it asked for but I did have coconut cream. It worked great. I was not fond of the taste but Denis was an instant fan. I am doing my best to find a few recipes that are healthier versions of the dairy, sugar or grain filled ones we used to enjoy. Not many, just for when we want or feel the need to celebrate something.

This week I had purchased coconut milk expecting the same result, maybe a little less thick but still workable. No luck. My first attempt was a disaster as far as whipped anything goes. It was liquid with tiny little bits of coconut fat. Not so good to mix with fresh fruit but beautiful in a fruit smoothie. Undaunted, I wanted to know why my dreamy dessert failed when I followed the recipe but had worked when I substituted, it did call for coconut milk. A little bit of searching on the internet kept telling me I was right with the coconut milk, but full fat was all I could get for details, until I happened upon this lovely lady who made a little video. You chill the coconut milk in the fridge so to only use the cream that separates to the top. You use the clear liquid for whatever else you want but not for the whip topping. Duh!

Funny how things like that happen, when someone points out the problem it seems so obvious. Like if I had stopped and listened to my own inner voice I would have known, but no, I read the recipe and went looking for an external source to tell me what was wrong with the externally found recipe. I could have figured it out on my own and I was close but it seemed easier to have another opinion, so I searched the internet.

Not that it really matters it is just a interesting note about my current character I should be aware of. It could become a problem but I doubt it, I have worked hard on learning to trust myself, now I just have to be careful not to be lazy and look for others to provide answers I could figure out if there was no internet at my fingertips. Keep my mind nimble and entertained with puzzles outside my normal jungle gym.

We did use the internet to research something that was important to get someone else’s knowledge on though, how to turn our front carry baby wrap into a back wrap carrier. We found a good style which, I happily modified to make a little more secure for our Lily. She loved it, both Denis and I took her for a spin on our backs today, Denis even took her working with him while I just made smoothies (with the aforementioned coconut disaster).

Love these two so much.


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