One of my meandering thoughts today wandered across the idea of getting a new haircut.

I am the type of woman who has rarely cut her hair, I had long hair for years, almost always pulled back in a pony tail or a braid. For a few Halloweens it was teased into ears of a cat in the manner of the broadway show “Cats”. However, other than that and a few other occasions, my hair has simply been pulled back out of my face. Why do I keep it long? It is a pain, it is thin and fine and since I lost some a few years ago in the wreck I was in you can see my scalp.

I guess I took long hair as a badge of honour. Something people liked, my father loved long hair, and other people would comment on it as well. So I kept it, and fought with it and had brief moments of pride with it followed by annoyance and absentmindedness about it. A friend of mine has cut my hair twice, the first time it was just below the shoulders and the last time it was a cute short cut, that was two years ago this September. It has not seen a pair of scissors since. But it will in the  next two months. No longer will I be afraid of my hair, or let others opinions influence me. It seems silly, many ladies go through this stage at puberty, I guess I am just a little more cautions than some.

Anyways, I am very excited to go super short, like Jamie Lee Curtis short. My hair will be sexy, it will be feminine, it will be powerful, all because I am finally confident enough to have that shocking look at me hair and stand proud.

Photo on 15-04-2015 at 12.54

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