Sugar cube anyone?

When I have been walking into the kitchen for the last 24 hours it has been rather entertaining. I keep thinking I should nibble on a sugar cube, well not nibble but crunch it down with all the stealth and speed of a thief in the night. I was preparing for emotional fallout from the decrease of sugar and caffeine but not the funny craving of wanting to eat sugar, plain and simple sugar. In a way it makes it easier not to slip up, the first time I went off gluten I found that I slipped up all the time. Sometimes I would not know gluten was in the item and sometimes I would not be thinking and I would consume it. Avoiding eating sugar cubes is so much easier than reading labels. We also have a diet that is 95% unprocessed foods, which makes all the difference in the world when you are changing your diet.

Diet is so important on so many levels and yet very few of us really pay attention, or care to pay close attention, to what we eat. I saw a TedTalk once given by a lady who admitted that she was a professional marketing agent who purposely tricked people into buying foods they might not want to consume if they knew the real truth about it. Then she did the shocking thing by telling people in the audience that it was easy because they wanted to be fooled. We don’t want to take responsibility for our choices, we make excuses why we can’t or won’t and you know what? I did too.

Not anymore, now we are making the right choices for optimal health. I studied this, I know the right choices, I know the cost of not making them and it is no longer acceptable. We are being held back by our diet, our life is fantastic but how much more fantastic can it be if we eat like we are training for the ultimate life? Because that is what we are doing, we are challenging ourselves to have the best life we possibly can, to be part of a movement towards real living, those who throw aside societies expectations and live a life of passion.

How can a person live a life of passion if their body is polluted? Seems what was a diet change to make a rash go away has turned into a life choice for us. They say having kids changes you, for us, it makes us want to be the roll models we want around Lily. We also know, the further we go with our personal growth the further she can go, isn’t that what all `loving parents’ want? The best start for their kids so their kids can go further than the parents dreamed? We don’t know where Lily’s path will take her, but we are going to do whatever we can to make her strong and ready for her journey. Enjoying every minute.


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