What to write?

The day started out beautifully and continued in that manner, as do most days. So I am wondering if this is a chance to see what else I should talk about… Maybe I will talk a bit about why I don’t want to talk about certain things… yet!

I read a few articles on vaccine fraud, bullying and fear mongering on a few other health topics as well that are close to my heart. I don’t tend to get involved in the chats much nor do I invest a lot of energy into expressing my knowledge on the matter. I find like to keep current with health and human right issues, especially those that could affect my family or my practice. I don’t tend to feel the need to volunteer my opinion much, especially in public forums but privately if a person comes to me concerned about certain things and asks where I stand I am happy to impart what I know about these topics though my classroom, clinical and personal studies.

Why don’t I make public announcements on hot topics? Mostly because I find that since I am not doing the direct research and only compiling knowledge based on other peoples experience I would only be able to write an informed opinion piece, referencing this and that study. I may yet do that here, for those who are interested but because these are hot topics I am referring to, information gets old fast as new light is constantly being shed on what we know, what we think we know and what was a blatant lie. I find opinion pieces just give people a reason to get fired up and stuff their belief systems down each others throats and I have no desire to fight peoples belief systems who are not willing to listen to the other side. Who do not want the truth but only want to be right or are afraid of the ramification if they are wrong.

So, most of my day was spent with my loving family, we did things a little different today, spending time helping out friends again, weeding a driveway! Hours of weeding a driveway, and yes we made it fun. How can you not have fun when you are married to your best friend? So that and two swallows in the kitchen and dog walking and eating good food and naps with Lily while daddy did more work on this farm we live at and posting stuff for Lily’s passport application and talking and laughing and and… all in all a balanced day. Except time got away from me again and I am scurrying to write this fast so I can jump in the tub with Lily before she crashes for the night. Until tomorrow…


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