The sun and the clouds have been playing hide and go seek all day and even agreeing to share the same sky at times.

Living up on a hill, reasonably close to the ocean, is beautiful, and when the weather plays up it really plays up. Lily spent the day inside, playing. Her rash is gone and she is all back to her curious and happy little self but we did not risk taking her for a walk with the dogs, or any other chores outside… could start out nice then turn to sideways rain in the blink of an eye. Ever watched Forrest Gump? Remember how he talked about experiencing every type of rain while on tour of duty? Well, we did that today in France.

Denis has been chasing rainbows and even now is still running outside to marvel at their beauty, this time with Lily all wrapped up as he is only a few feet from the door. We have seen so many rainbows on our journey, and we always take them as a sign that we are on the right path. Such a joy to enjoy things as simple as the weather and all it has to offer, I think sometimes that my life has been blessed from the beginning. I have never had a proper 9-5 desk job and now I don’t know if I could ever conform. I love what I do, so much that it does not feel like work and my family is such a joy to me that I love that we eat, work, play and grow together.

Rainbows light up my heart everyday.


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