don’t do it

LOL, the title of this post is what I found after I joyously ran downstairs to grab the last chocolate bar from the fridge. Denis wrote it for me.

You see, we/I have decided to go off chocolate and other foods that don’t nourish us but deplete us. We have been working up to cleaning up our diet for awhile now but we want to be successful so we kept waiting for the perfect time. I was thinking when we leave France it would be easiest but then I realised it needed to be sooner, as that long away was making me ridiculous, I was eating more and more of the undesirable foods, preparing for having to give it up and thinking a couple months long binge would give me the will power to leave it forever, make myself sick of it.

Today I got the perfect motivation to do it now. Lily has been covered in a rash head to toe all day, it has gotten a lot better but last night it showed up and she still has it today. I was figuring it must be something I had eaten and I racked my mind for what it might be. Then I decided it was time, no more junk food. No gluten or chocolate starting right now, it was a easy decision, one look at Lily and I would do anything for her. Next week we will remove more foods that we want to eventually eliminate from our diet. We are not going 100% for life but it will be 100% until Canada at least. We will reassess, often possibly as we find the balance that works for us, but we know for certain we can’t have it in the house. Not at least until something major changes, and when that happens I won’t want it in the house.

Anyways, why was I running, joyously downstairs, to that last chocolate bar if I thought I was causing a head to toe rash on our most beloved breast fed daughter? Well, I spoke to a fellow Heilkunstler who is also a mom and a dear friend and she told me about her own son, how he had been sick at 6 months and to completely rid himself of the virus after the fever broke, he had a, head to toe, rash. Probably not the chocolate! So I ran to the fridge to have my last go at it, Denis had already had his last go about an hour before the message came through. So now we are going to go through detox together, bye bye to the caffeine/chocolate, the sugar, the grains, the dairy, the inflammation and the emotional rollercoaster.

Besides who needs an artificial emotional rollercoaster when we have a Lily! Just now I interrupted writing this post to race around the house with Denis and Lily just to make her giggle. Who needs chocolate?


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