Toad in Hand

Lily deserves a medal for getting through her first fever with her parents not falling apart. She was a superhero, not a tear shed, just extra cuddles and longer naps and she sailed right through two evenings of fevers. What a relief, I don’t know about other parents, and I certainly don’t feel like I am a worrier of a parent but I was not looking forward to our first cold. We have used homeopathic so far for the two bumps/frights she has had with great success. She handled her fever so well we did nothing but shower her in love and make sure she was not over stimulated so she could rest as much as she wanted and it worked! Fever is over and a new week begins, with us hopping.

Well not really, it was a chill start to the week but Lily met her first toad. What a joy to experience the world through a child’s eyes. The toad was very cooperative and let us handle him for awhile before hoping off our hands as we stared intently at this new creature. Lily has already learned “gentle” because she has been surrounded by animals since she got home from the hospital. We are blessed that the ‘dangerous/tough guy’ cat loves her and is a complete fool for her, letting her even learn what ‘gentle’ means by yanking on his ears and whiskers with us removing her tightly clenched fists from his fur in those first few months. Dogs, cats and horses have all been ‘in her face’ since the beginning, but this was her first amphibian. She was curious but I am not sure she is impressed yet. Might take a few more visits from cool skinned, soft leathery little souls before she makes up her mind. Personally I hope she likes toads, one of my great joys as a kid was catching, petting and releasing tiny little toads up at our northern property in Ontario. Their little hands fascinated me, they still do, especially the tree climbers. I will never forget the little Spring Peeper I brought to my mom early one morning, he jumped from my hand to her face just as she opened her eyes from sleeping!


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