Monday Magic

Mondays are a great day for us. We start slow, we are mindful, we shop for groceries for the week, we enjoy each other, we plan our week a bit, we express gratitude for our life.

This morning we started out by watching a few Ted Talks in bed while Lily slept. Inspirational stuff, informative stuff and a little bit of fun. It is good to inspire your self each day and I really like having a good start to the week. They were all from a compilation of the top 20 TedTalks of all time. We had seen a few already but some things are best heard more than once.

So we promptly had a scrap at lunch, we ended in laughter and to be honest I don’t remember now what it was about.

Denis filled the house with more wildflowers, he brings home wildflowers for Lily and I. He patiently sat with Lily on his lap making bouquets for the house. I am surrounded by flowers now and I love it.

We missed the morning market but we won’t lose any sleep over it. We hit the grocery stores in the afternoon, keeping on track for our healthy eating we found organic and fresh foods, treats are not nuts and berries rather than ice cream and chocolate bars and to be honest… I like it better that way. We went to a garden centre and got a few more seedlings for the garden, including snapdragons, one of my favourite flowers as a kid. Tomorrow we will plant them if the weather looks good for the week. Next we got the dog food and Denis put Lily in the cart with the bag, something I would not have thought to do… and she stood! Alone! Holding on to the dog food our little girl stood on her own.

I am so grateful we are both here for all the good bits, and the rough bits, the hard bits and the magical bits. Yep I live a life of love, we’ve worked hard for it so I won’t apologise for it, I won’t look harder to see if it is not so special, I am not going to twist the story to make it acceptably tough. We walked that path, and though the work has not ended we have reached a level of happiness that few often attain. And we feel like there is so much more in store for us. I hope we pass that along to Lily, our joy for life and our desire to keep wanting more joy, more love and more happiness without thinking that our current life is not perfect the way it is.


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