Funny Smell to Start the Day.

Woke up this morning to an indescribable smell. Got dressed and decided to go hunting for it, as I kept getting whiffs of it and I did not find it pleasant at all. We put away the clean laundry we had not yet folded, took out the dirty laundry, the garbage, the plants, everything was given a sniff test. I found the source eventually, my vest and Denis’ clothes from yesterday, the smell was haylage.

The smell was slightly fermented grass. No wonder I couldn’t place it! I much prefer the smell of hay but given the choice the horses on this farm prefer haylage and they don’t develop coughs from it, so that is the winter feed, we have been taking the last bale down to them so it does not rot and be wasted. It is a bit awkward to deal with, so it is a hands on job for the most part.

The smell found and dealt with, Lily and I snuggled in for our morning siesta. An hour later up we got and much to my disgust the smell was back. How on earth… what was left? Looking down I notice my pants, the same jeans I had on yesterday, no wonder the bad smell seemed to be following me! Isn’t it so true in life, we tend to look for solutions outside of us to solve problems and forget to look at ourselves. Especially when we find an external source. Got to look at ourselves as well just to make sure the source of the problem is not us.

Had a good laugh at myself and took off the pants and left them outside to wait until I need to move the last of the last bale. I put on some stink free pants and got on with my day.

We learned about planting sweet potatoes this afternoon, it is not at all like regular potatoes, thank goodness for YouTube, such a source of information. We discovered we won’t be here long enough to harvest the potatoes but we are still planting one for our host. Lily and Denis started the process today, and now we get to watch the magic of new life beginning right in our own window.

It is a good day when you learn something new and have the chance to laugh at yourself. Today I have had both and there are still hours to go!


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