Today started out slow, Denis has been processing childhood baggage the last few days and so Lily and I have been doing chores in the morning together. We wake early, play for an hour, nurse, have an hour nap and then head out. The dogs love going for a walk and the big female wolfhound loves to have Lily with us. She was bouncing around like a puppy today, she is a big dog! She is very careful but with Lily in my MobyWrap carrier zipped up in a coat she can’t see her without jumping up, so she bounces for a better look, and Lily looks for her now too. It was an enjoyable morning.

We had a lunch of power foods for O Blood Types (we are all O blood type) as we find that we really notice a difference when we include superfoods for us in our diet and remove the foods not suitable for us. In the afternoon Denis did most of the work, while Lily went down for her longer nap and I kept her company (to be on hand for nursing was my excuse but really it is just because we/I am well aware that my time with her like this will end soon enough). Anyways, after the nap we loaded up a bunch of haylage and took it to the horses who have moved to the valley and when we came back we discovered one of the pigs has broke the door to the hen house. Denis repaired it while I went upstairs with Lily who was hungry and again, looking for a nap, with Denis following us when he was done.

While Lily and I were chilling, Denis asked me again about his tooth that has been bothering him for 2-3 days. Wondering what it meant, we looked it up in ‘Messages from the Body’, our go to manual for the why’s of the physical issues we can encounter. Sometimes it is just the right bit of wisdom needed to help finish off processing something we are not fully aware of. This time it made sense, Denis has been in his own world a little bit these past few days, while he deals with the phone calls and the old emotions he has been tackling. It is hard not to let the ego get a foothold on something new to hold a grudge about, the whole idea is to deal with the past, forgive, let go, and move on softer and stronger.

Family baggage can run deep, and it perpetuates through the generations until someone breaks the cycle. Denis has broken that cycle and I am so happy for the life he gets because of it, for the life I get with him because of it, and of the life Lily will have because of it. She does not have to carry her daddy’s baggage like Denis carried the baggage of his family for so long.


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