Finding Balance in a Whirlwind

Weekends are a whirlwind of activity for us. Our host comes home, people visit, animals need attention in ways they don’t during the week, disasters, emergencies and other unforeseens, it is a dizzying experience after our leisurely yet productive weekdays with us living “in the flow” and this weekend was no exception. Happily these days we just feel tired and not frazzled or worse. It has taken time and lots of effort, soul searching, if you like, on our part to get to this point. On our own and together we have fought, crawled, cried, screamed and fallen to our knees learning how to just take it all in stride and let it go.

Living with other people these last two almost three years has stretched us to the point where we have almost broke. More than once. There have been drunks, more than one narcissist, mistresses, racists, ex drug dealers, possibly current drug dealers too, convicts, truly mean people and manipulative people. However, there have also been the best of the best people you could ever hope to meet. People who raise the level of humanity or more specifically human consciousness with their presence. We are blessed to have many of these people in our lives now. They are from all walks of life and they all have different gifts and we call them all friends.

We spoke with some of these friends via Skype this weekend. Discussing our plans for when we have finished helping/staying/growing where we are. France is wonderful and though I will be sad to go, our hearts are pulling us along this ever changing path and we are happy to follow… now.

Denis has been great for me that way. I have a very steady personality, unless there is a specific end to something I tended to just linger on doing what ever I was doing, even when I appeared to be changing it was just a mirage. Even if part of me wanted more, I still lingered putting up with less than my heart desired because of the good bits. Denis never lingered… he moved at the first sign of unrest, so with me he had to slow down and with him I had to start moving. We balanced each other but it took awhile to get the balance to a healthy point, he pushing to go with hot raw emotion and me becoming an immoveable mountain of cold refined logic. The heart and the head were fighting, between us and within us. It took a lot of prayer, talking, some emergency Heilkunst doctor intervention, patience and genuine love for each other but we did it. We got to a point of balance and it radiates out into all that we experience. It makes every experience so much better but it was a heck of a demanding journey to get here.

We have been blinded by our beliefs and egos along the way but we work hard to dispel the lies for truth.


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