Today was full of exciting things.

First we had to make a run to the dump with the van that was full of broken and useless things. We needed it empty for this weekend to pick up some alpacas. Of course we work around Lily’s nap time to make everyone’s life easier. At 11:15am we were ready, but the van would not start. Denis had to try 3 different methods (2 chargers and then the car) to get it jumpstarted. At 11:45am we were on our way.

We figured we would drive to the dump or ‘dechetterie’ in French,  to see what time they opened on Saturday morning because we were not going to make it in time before they closed for lunch (everything closes in France for lunch, sometimes for 2 hours or the rest of the day). Anyways, we got there 5 minutes before they closed, and we pulled in, figuring we’d get as much unloaded as possible to make the morning easier. Denis and I have very limited French but we have been here many times already, we know everything has to be sorted. Lily was chilling in the front seat, and we were, running, really running! The lady must have found us so humorous that she let us empty the entire load making her 10 minutes late and us full of giggles. Running all over the dump with bits and bobs was incredibly humorous to us. High five for getting it done today, the morning will be easier now.

Denis started a project here on this farm 28 months ago the first time we came through. He dug holes to make the pigs field extend into the forrest. When we returned this time he was able to finish it. Much to his disappointment the pigs were more than a little wary of the new space and refused to go down the path to explore their extra territory. It has been open about 6 weeks and finally after much cajoling he has convinced Nicky to go all the way down the path. Once there she was a very happy pig to go exploring and Denis was a very happy man that the pig enjoyed his efforts.

Lily is always surprising us with new feats, recently she has started really improving her efforts at crawling to the point where she can’t be left in the middle of the bed for a bit. She won’t be in the same location for long and she has no fear of the edge! Today she also showed us that spotting, reaching for and transferring objects from hand to hand and to her mouth is easy for her. So with these combined talents… we have to be careful what is left around her. Let the baby proofing of the house begin!


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