Sometimes I am so productive and other times not so much. Last week I felt like a super hero, I had balance, I had efficiency, I had attitude. This week I am floundering, I am putting in the effort and getting poor returns. I think I am in a bit of denial about how beneficial my time eating choices have been. Thankfully I have Denis to talk to, he helps me stay honest with myself when I tell myself happy little excuses to validate behaviour I don’t like in myself.

The trick to having a healthy helpful chat or a flat out brawl of words is to remember he loves me. To leave the ego at the door and for both of us to honour and admit when the other is right and in a relaxed fashion explain what part is being misunderstood. It has been a long journey to get to this point, and I am sure some topics would still send us for a good heated scrap, but even those end up in giggles now.

Now the trick is, to become more productive starting NOW, not tomorrow and certainly not next week. Delaying somethings can give time for a course of action to take shape in my mind, but with this problem… I know what to do, so I just need to do it. 100% honesty about what I am doing and is it filler or does it resonate? I find it is like bending time and I get so much done if it resonates and if it only fills time well it really just sucks time. I have too much I want to do, too many interests to waste even a moment on something that is not what I really want to do.

Oisin did not need to learn this lesson, it is natural with him.


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