We got a really good start on the packing today.

The only stuff left, is things we will be using up to the day we leave. It took a long time, I was being really careful with everything. Not even a piece of paper has thoughtlessly been packed. There will be a box of stuff left behind for charity. At first I thought it would have been nice if Denis and I each got two bags for under the plane but now I am happy we don’t. Our first leg of the journey is a 4 hours train ride to Paris on Tuesday, then over night at a hotel and right after lunch the next day we fly. I realise before we even get started that four big bags, plus carryons and Lily’s car seat would have been too much to manage with Lily. I am not even using the full carryon allowance. The nappy bag, my stuff and the laptop are all one bag, not three.

While our girl was having a nap at some point today I decided to see what fellow travellers had to say about ‘baby’s first flight’. Everything, that’s what they had to say, and it was great to read. Basically almost every bit of advice will be countered with the exact opposite advise by the next post. Examples; tire baby out as much as you can so they sleep on the plane vs. make sure baby is rested so they don’t get overtired. Take an aisle seat so you can move about vs. take a window seat so baby is not disturbed by others getting in and out and privacy for nursing. Check the car seat with your luggage to avoid the awkwardness of it in the terminal vs. never check your car seat, it can be damaged as badly as if it were in an accident. Write notes, bring ear plugs and little gifts (candies or gift cards) for those closest to you vs. don’t make a show of your situation by handing out notes, everyone will see the baby just keep it quiet and realise it is not all about you. Some even funnier advice was the warnings, be prepared to drink/eat whatever you are bringing for your baby to eat onboard including breast milk. Order a wheelchair if you have to change planes. Suffice to say, this could be a whole lot of fun, silly fun where even Lily might have to laugh out loud before we meet grandma in Toronto.

I am excited to go home. All that is waiting to happen there is good for my heart but there is another part of me that wants to go to the kitchen and eat all manner of comfort foods. The new jar of Nutella, ice cream, cookies, they are all on the top of my wish list tonight. I am going to try for a glass of water and some cuddles to see if that will sort the cravings as we get closer to saying goodbye to Lily’s birth home.


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