My husband is so special to me and today is his birthday and I am giving him nothing but more of my love to celebrate.

This year we don’t have the money for presents, we can’t go out for a fancy meal, I can’t get him something to represent the importance of the day from a store, I can’t throw him a party. After 3 years of volunteering our funds are quiet low, not that we would do anything much different if we has scads of money in the bank. The best part? It does not matter that there are no gifts, that our friends are in different countries, that we are alone. There was a time when we both loved gifts and random heartfelt gifts are still loved but gifts on his birthday? Nah, not required. Us being alone? We love it, there is something strengthening in just being together, we love our friends and we really enjoy being with them but to have time to ourselves is also a gift.

So instead of presents to open and friends to visit with we took the dogs for a walk and talked and kissed and held hands. We came home and he cuddled up with Lily for her morning nap and he received happy birthday phone calls. I started his birthday lunch, making twice baked potatoes to go with the steaks from the freezer. They are time consuming and though I would make them any time he wants we have them rarely as they do take a long time.

When they woke, they played and ate my simple meal made with love and then it was my turn for a nap with Lily. Denis got the mail and opened a lovely birthday card from his whole family and then it was back to playtime, daytime dancing, snuggles and eventually we will have more food to finish off his birthday dessert. I will tell him again how much I love him, I will look into his eyes when I say this and make myself vulnerable to him, I will offer to wash his back or his whole body in a bath tonight if he wishes, I will continue to tell him how much I love him everyday until his next birthday.


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