Food Revolution Day

Thank you Jamie Oliver for inspiring me today, or better put, focusing me to one topic. There are so many things I want to write about and as Denis says… in time grasshopper, in time.

Today is Food Revolution Day. Jamie wants the kids of the world to be taught about food, where is comes from, how to grow it and how to make good healthy food. He is concerned about the obesity epidemic that is effecting kids now, how this is the first generation of kids that are not expected to outlive their parents age. Yikes! He is using his voice to rally everyone who will join him into pressuring the governments to make it part of public education curriculum. He feels (and I 100% agree) it is a child’s human right to be taught about food.

My worry is that if governments do it, it can be corrupted. I think food education should begin at home but I love the energy behind Jamie’s movement. The problem with the government being in charge of educating the children is; who will say what is taught? Who will say what is correct to teach about growing your own food? How will it incorporate different beliefs/standards? So many questions, some harder than others to answer, especially since Jamie is looking for a global movement.

Do I think he should stop because there are no easy answers? Absolutely not. I think if inspired people allowed themselves to be stopped simply because they were not sure of the details of how their dream will take flight, very few things would change. We need the big dreamers to bring the idea, and we need the doers who come behind them and make it real. For us, we are already doing what Jamie is asking for for all kids, and we educate anyone who will listen about the life we have chosen and why we chose it. Not because Jamie wants it to happen, it just so happens that we have the same thoughts on the importance of food education.

I was raised in a family where food was part of life, we grew vegetables and harvested and prepared them for later use. We got our meat once a year from the butcher, and we watched while it was packaged. We made our meals from scratch, we ate together at the table each night with no TV, no phone calls, no texts, nothing to distract us. I had no idea, at the time, that the family meal was becoming rare. I am grateful my mom taught me how to truly feed myself (from seed to plate) and I am grateful for my education, that taught me all the details/science about eating for optimal health. Best of all, Denis is just as excited about living an authentic life as I am and so together we have a solid foundation to raise Lily on.


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