Water and chocolate

What is better than a lazy summer day to slowly, and in a random fashion, get to the little odd jobs that always get put aside for bigger chores? Those little jobs can be such a joy and today was full of little jobs and I seem to have developed a naughty habit very quickly with my very enjoyable day.


Do a little bit of a job, need a new tool to continue? Well why not pass the fridge on the way and grab few little rainbow coloured chocolate peanuts? So yummy and it is only a few. Times this behaviour by at least 15 on a day like today. Walk the dogs, chocolate, nurse Lily, chocolate, free graze the horses, chocolate, make lunch, chocolate, clean up lunch, chocolate, look at photos for todays blog, chocolate, clean the barn of the winter wood, chocolate, weed the garden, chocolate, play with Denis and Lily, chocolate, mend a fence, chocolate, get more materials for the fence, chocolate, start supper, chocolate, put photos on Facebook for family, chocolate… and on and on. Now my bottom lip feels funny and I am thirsty. Seems I need to have a personal intervention. No snacking between meals!

Among the obvious issues (sugar, caffeine…) I find that when I go on a little chocolate (or sugar treat binge) that I don’t drink as much. I don’t feel the need to, I don’t feel depleted in energy (as happens when I am thirsty) because I keep having ‘hits’ of sugar and/or caffeine. So tomorrow no snacks between meals as that seems to be how the chocolate gets out of hand.

Yet today was a fabulous day, the kind of day that make me think I am so very, very lucky to have made the choices I have, and to get to do it all again tomorrow, well maybe not all of it… less chocolate but still the same amount of love.


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